Submission Guidelines

Up-coming Quarterly Issues:

Vol 6, Issue #3 – Deadline 11/30/12

Vol 7, Issue #1 – Deadline 2/28/13

Vol 7, Issue #2 – Deadline 6/1/13

Vol 7, Issue #3 – Deadline 9/1/13

Vol 7, Issue #4 – Deadline 11/30/13

Submission Recommendations:

Theory, Practice, and Progress

Send in your articles, essays, prose and weird tales.  There is no limit to what you can submit to the Green Trapezoid Newsletter.

  • Book Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Strange Original Fictions
  • Putting the Cult Paradigm to Work
  • Artwork
  • Illustrations
  • Comics
  • Digital Media
  • Reader Feedback & Questions

We are not so concerned with how well you write,  Madmen of this world are rarely stellar writers but often have profound insights to offer fellow Cultists.

Send your submissions to:, Attn.:  Editor: Priestess of R’lyeh Cora’Sahn

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